McDonald’s Singapore McGriddles, chocolate pie & Kitkat McFlurry from 4th March 2021

McGriddles are back in Singapore for a limited time from 4th March 2021

Mcgriddles Feast

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

First edition of McGriddles stickers included with every McGriddles® Feast


Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Choose between Sausage McGriddles® with Egg

Mcgriddles w egg

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Made up with griddle cakes, a tender chicken sausage patty, and a sunny-side up egg

or get stuffed with McGriddles® Stack

Mcgriddles stack

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Stacked with maple-flavoured griddle cakes, tender chicken sausage patties, melted cheese, a sunny-side up egg, and crispy chicken bacon.

Can't take cheese ? Go with Sausage McGriddles®


Image: McDonald’s Singapore

With sweet, maple-flavoured griddle cakes layered with a savoury, tender chicken sausage patty

Desert all day with Chocolate pie

Chocolate Pie

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

To calm your stomach down why not do it with KITKAT® McFlurry®


Image: McDonald’s Singapore

McGriddles® Stack and Sausage McGriddles® with Egg and Sausage McGriddles® are available all day. Chocolate Pie is available after breakfast hours. While stocks last.

Head down to your nearest McDonald's in Singapore to get your McGriddles fix before it's all gone.

OR get it by McDelivery @

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