NeNe Chicken DOUBLE DAEBAK RENDANG BURGER and Double Sparkling Fizz Till 10th June 2021

NeNe Chicken Singapore just launched their latest creation of Double Daebak Rendang Burger and Double Sparkling Fizz drink

With double rendang patty paired with fried egg and kimchi for that extra crunch and tangy flavour to balance it out.
Apparently it’s 11cm tall. How are you gonna attempt to eat this monstrous burger ?
rendang chicken burger

Image: NeNe Chicken Singapore

Set Meal

Set Meal comes with curly fries and a special drink concoction in collaboration with Sprite. $17.50

Called Double Sparkling Fizz, it is made up of 2 Flavours in 1 Cup: Grapefruit Yuzu and Blue Limeade to refresh and rejuvenate!

Ala Carte
Double rendang patty paired with fried egg and kimchi $11.50

double sparkling fizz

Image: NeNe Chicken Singapore

Double Sparkling Fizz $6.90
Get 2 Flavours in a cup:
1. Grapefruit Yuzu
2. Blue Limeade

Available  at all NeNe Chicken Outlets
While stock last till  10th June 2021

Check out your nearest outlet below

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