MOS Burger Singapore three new Wagyu Burgers to choose from: Sweet & Sour Wagyu Burger, BBQ Wagyu Burger, XL Wagyu Menchi katsu Burger

MOS Burger has launched 3 new burgers for Wagyu Lovers from 27th April 2021 !

sweet and sour wagyu burger

Image: MOS Burger Singapore

Sweet & Sour Wagyu Burger $7.95
The new Sweet & Sour Wagyu Burger is topped fresh lettuce, tomato slice, premium wagyu patty dipped in sweet and sour sauce, and onion rings.

bbq wagyu burger

Image: MOS Burger Singapore

BBQ Wagyu Burger $6.00
The BBQ Wagyu burger consists of premium wagyu patty dipped with BBQ sauce with fresh lettuce and soft buns


xl wagyu menchikatsu rice burger

XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Rice Burger $10.70
This Extra Large Wagyu Menchikatsu Rice Burger comes with crispy Wagyu menchikatsu patty topped with Katsu sauce and freshly shredded cabbage in rice

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*Take note: Sweet and sour Wagyu burger, BBQ Wagyu Burger and XL Wagyu Menchikatsu Rice burger are not available in MOS Burger SGH Housemen Canteen.


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