New Dassai Sakura Rice Burger from MOS Burger Singapore from 15th Sept 2021

There’s a new rice burger from MOS Burger Singapore and it’s the Dassai Sakura Rice Burger!
Dassai Sakura Rice Burger Banner

Image: MOS Burger Singapore


Dassai is a sake made from Japanese rice called “Yamada Nishiki” and it is highly evaluated all over the world.
Dassai uses amazake sauce containing malted rice from Junmai Daiginko “Dassai”. Sake is an ancient fermented drink.
Dassai Sakura Rice Burger

Image: MOS Burger Singapore

Dassai Sakura Rice Burger is made with signature vegetable kakiage seaweed and between the Prawn filled Sakura Rice Buns and added fried asparagus, topped with tangy, saucy Dassai crab sauce
If you’re thinking that sake means it’s alcoholic but there’s no trace of alcohol after cooking process
Dassai Sakura Rice Burger 0.0 alcohol

Image: MOS Burger Singapore

Dassai Sakura Rice Burger $6.50

dassai sakura rice burger mos burger

Image: MOS Burger Singapore

Take Note: *Not available in MOS Burger SGH Housemen Canteen.


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