KFC S’pore’s New BBQ Tenders Burger available from 4th Oct for $5 Super Value Meal

KFC New Burger BBQ Tenders Burger!
KFC has added a Burger item to their Super Value $5 Meals, it used to only have bowls.
burger 5 value meal
Hot & Crispy Tenders drizzled with smoky BBQ sauce and creamy mayonnaise sandwiched between toasted buns.
Available for dine-in and takeaway only.
super value meal D

Image: KFC Singapore

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BBQ Cheese Zinger

BBQ Tenders Burger Meal $5

1x KFC BBQ Tenders Burger packed with 2 Hot and Crispy Tenders and drizzled with smoky chipotle BBQ sauce
1x regular serving of golden crispy fries
1x drink

Super Value $5

Other Value Meals at $5
BBQ Cheese Zinger

Famous Potato Bowl Meal $5

1x Popcorn Chicken, Cheese Sauce and Original Recipe Sauce on a bed of Whipped Potato!
2pcs Hot & Crispy tenders
1x regular-sized drink.
BBQ Cheese Zinger

O.R. Rice Bowl Meal $5

1x Original Recipe Rice Bowl that has fragrant chicken rice paired with golden Popcorn Chicken and mushrooms, smothered with the signature Original Recipe sauce.
2pcs Hot & Crispy tenders
1x regular-sized drink
BBQ Cheese Zinger

Curry Rice Bowl Meal $5

1x KFC Curry Rice Bowl that is filled with fragrant chicken rice, topped with golden Popcorn Chicken and a velvety, rich potato curry.
2pcs Hot & Crispy tenders
1x regular-sized drink.

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KFC Delivery offer for 10.10 $10 bundle and $20 Feast till 14 Oct 2021


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