Angus Mushroom Supreme & Sea Salt McFlurry at McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore latest burger Angus Mushroom Supreme with potato wedges and a cool Sea Salt McFlurry for dessert.

The burger is made with 100% Angus beef patty topped with a bed of grilled mushrooms and signature herb aioli sauce.

angus mushroom supreme

The Sea Salt McFlurry is actually using blue sea salt and makes the McFlurry look like bubblegum flavour but it’s actually salt + vanilla.

sea salt mcflurry

Potato Wedges are back! Add 80 cents to upgrade the fries or purchase ala carte for $4.55.

Mango Pie cost $1.85

potato wedges

Get a bundle of the Angus Mushroom Supreme + McSpicy with 2 fries & 2 coke for $18.20 and top up $5.20 for a Happy Meal

2x value meal mcspicy and mushroom

A short review of Sea Salt McFlurry

sea salt mcflurry review 1

We bought it at a dessert kiosk and it cost $3.

seasalt mcflurry review 2

Lots of purple salty bits in the Mcflurry

seasalt review 3

The blue syrup is salty too, make sure to mixed it well to make it taste even better.
Definitely will buy it again for the unique sweet and savoury ice cream.

Angus Mushroom Supreme Review



We tried the Angus Mushroom Supreme and the sauce is delicious but the lack of flavour in the mushrooms is a let down.

Overall the burger is nice but it could be better


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