MOS Burger Singapore Terkiyaki Chicken/Beef Burger

Teriyaki series burgers
Teriyaki series burgers are classic in MOS.
The umami and sweetness of the teriyaki sauce is finely tuned to create an exquisite taste.
Teriyaki sauce has been enhanced from time to time, but the only thing that never changed is the standard of “delicious”!
For the Japanese taste, which can be delivered by MOS born in Japan, you can now try it in Singapore!
Now only available at MOS Burger outlets.
Teriyaki Chicken Burger
Teriyaki Chicken Burger $4.35
Teriyaki Burger
Teriyaki Beef Burger $3.90
Promotion buy Duo Teriyaki burgers for $8.00

MOS Burger Coconut Pies

Enjoy warm coconut pies for only $4 for 2 pieces

coconut pie 4 for 2 piece

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