4Fingers New Crispy Batter Fried Fish with latest Dual Delish from 11 Jan 2022

Dual Delish meals

4Fingers Singapore new Dual Delish – chicken and fish in one meal!

Featuring new crispy fried fish served with Tartar sauce.

The new Dual Delish meals & bundles are now available for dine-in, takeaway & delivery across all outlets.

Dual Delish Surf & Turf Combos

Surf Turf Combos

Fish Chips Combo

Fish & Chips Combo (2pc Fish, Tartar Sauce, Small Fries) $9.50

Surf Turf Regular Combo

Regular Combo (1pc Fish, 2pc W/D, Tartar Sauce) $10.95

Extra Combo surf turf

Extra Combo (1pc Fish, 2pc W/D, 3pc BCB, Tartar Sauce) $11.95

Dual Delish Surf & Turf Rice Box

Surf Turf Rice

Surf Turf Rice Box Combo

Surf & Turf Rice Box Combo (1pc Fish, 3pc BCB, Teriyaki Rice) $11.45

Fish Chip Rice Box Combo

Fish & Chip Rice Box Combo (2pc Fish, Tartar Sauce, Teriyaki Rice) $10.50

Dual Delish Surf & Turf Bundles

Surf Turf Bundles

2 pax bundle

2 pax bundle (2pc Fish, 4pc W/D, 2 Tartar Sauce, 2 Rice) $18.75

4 pax bundle

4 pax bundle (6pc Fish, 8pc W/D, 4 Tartar Sauce, 4 Rice) $37.95


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