Carl’s Jr New Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Guacamole Meat-Free Burger is Back

NEW Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich from Carl’s Jr Singapore.

Chicken fillet, hand-breaded and fried to a golden brown, Applewood smoked bacon, cheese, and Hot Honey sauce served on a premium glazed bun. Limited time offer!

The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich cost $10 ala carte and $13.50 combo with fries and a drink

hot honey chicken sandwich

hot honey chicken sandwich carls jr singapore

Guacamole Meat-Free Burger

Guacamole Meat Free Burger

Guacamole Meat-Free Burger is Back !

Made from Harvest Gourmet MEAT-FREE chicken schnitzel.
100% meat-free fried chicken schnitzel, cheese, onions, tomato, and lettuce, topped with santa-fe & guacamole sauce served on a sesame-seeded bun

*Take Note : Meat-Free patty is deep fried in the same fryer as 100% Meat patty

Guacamole Meat-Free Burger Combo cost $12.50

Guacamole Meat Free Burger combo

If you’re interested to make any burgers meat-free, Top up $1 to swap the patty with Harvest Gourmet MEAT-FREE chicken schnitzel


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