Burger King Ultimate Tom Yum and Weekly Lucky Draw to WIN exclusive invites to BK Painting event 8 Mar – 27 Mar

New offering from Burger King Singapore for a taste of Thai.
Tuck into Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp Chicken, or dip your favourite BK nuggets into the NEW spicy Tom Yum sauce! Made with tantalising spices, this delightful creation is sure to be a party in your mouth.

Take note the Tom Yum sauce contains Shellfish

burger king ultimate tom yum

Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp Chicken

Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp Chicken

Ultimate Tendercrisp® Chicken with a spread of Tom Yum Sauce* which guarantee that you get a piquant and zesty feast of flavors with every bite

Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp Chicken Meal $9.90

Ultimate Tom Yum Tendercrisp® Chicken with Fries (M) and Coke (S)

Tom Yum BK Nuggets 9 Pc

Tom Yum BK Nuggets (9 Pc)

9 pieces BK Nuggets® with limited time Tom Yum Sauce

Tom Yum BK Nuggets (9 Pc) $5.90

9 pieces BK Nuggets with Fries (M) and Coke (S)

Thai Sharing Box

Thai Sharing Box $6.20

Mix of Fries (S), 3x Mexican Drumlets, golden Onion Rings (M) all in one box. dip them in limited time Tom Yum Sauce

Mango Sticky Pie

Mango Sticky Pie $1.90

Mango Sticky Rice in a pie?! We kid you not! Imagine having fragrant glutinous rice topped with juicy Mangoes between crunchy golden pie.

Tom Yum Drumlets

Tom Yum Drumlets $4.90

Mexican Drumlets topped with limited time fiery and zesty Tom Yum Sauce

Tom Yum Tendergrill Chicken

Tom Yum Tendergrill Chicken $6.90

popular grilled skewers in the form of Tendergrill Chicken topped with savoury Tom Yum Sauce

Iced Lemon Tea Float

Iced Lemon Tea Float $2.90

BK version of Thai Iced tea, a nice cold Iced Lemon Tea topped with velvety Vanilla Soft Serve.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain $2.50

burgerking tom yum thai mango sticky rice


tomyum guy painting

Submit your receipts for purchases of any Tom Yum Selection items weekly for a chance to win exclusive invites to BK Painting event at Splat Paint House. From 8 Mar – 27 Mar 2022

Submit at the link below


Stand a chance to win the following prizes:

30 pairs of exclusive invites to the exclusive BK Songkran Event at Splat Paint House (BK Songkran Event is organized by Splat Paint House. The event involved playing with paints to create your own unique paint masterpiece.)

How to Enter Weekly Draw

Simply purchase any item(s) from our Limited Time Offer products (Under Ultimate Tom Yum selections) at any of the Burger King outlets from 8 March (11:00) – 17 April (23:59) via the Counter, Kiosk, BK App, and Delivery Partners to qualify.
Submit official receipts as Proof of Purchase through our website at tomyum.burgerking.com.sg
Ensure that all details and particulars submitted in the lucky draw must be accurate, true and complete.
ONE (1) Receipt entitles the participants to ONE (1) draw chance for the week (E.g. If participant purchase meal on 10 March, they will only be entitled for the 1st week draw)
Winners are chosen by way of random draw, conducted weekly on a Monday and will be contacted via the email address entered in the lucky draw page.

3D2N Staycation at Dusit Thani for 2 Pax 

From 28 March to 17 April get a change to win 3D2N Staycation at Dusit Thani for 2 Pax. There will be 1 winner per week


T&C here https://tomyum.burgerking.com.sg/lucky-draw/terms-and-conditions/


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