4Fingers Singapore NEW 3 Jawbreakers Big Burgers from 22 March 2022

4fingers jawbreakers burgers

4Fingers Singapore has launched 3 new burgers that are huge and meant to break your jaw!

The new burgers are now available for dine-in, takeaway & delivery across all outlets from 22 March onward.

3 Jawbreaker burgers to choose from, Monster Tower, Chees-Zilla & Chicky Crisp.


MONSTER TOWER from $10.45

2 juicy 4Fingers Chicken Patties hand brushed in 4Fingers Signature Sauce, with greens, cheese and thousand island sauce.  The champion in size and taste for our loyal chicken fans of 4Fingers.


CHEES-ZILLA from $9.45

Terrorizes you with 4 types of cheese, including fan favorite cheeseticks together with a crispy and juicy 4Fingers chicken patty. Your jaws will tremble at its cheesiness and how amazingly flavorful this burger can be.


CHICKY CRISP from $8.45

For beginners. But do not let the relative size fool you. Its still BIG. Its easy on your jaw yet still BIG on its flavour.

Jawbreakers Combo pricing

Monster Tower Combo

Monster Tower Combo $11.95

1 Double Chicken Chop Monster Burger
1 Fries
1 Regular Drink

Chees zilla comobo

Chees-Zilla Combo $10.95

1 4 Cheese Chicken Indulgent Burger
1 Fries
1 Regular Drink

chicky crisp combo

Chicky Crisp Combo $11.95

1 Thousand Island & Cheese Chicken Burger
1 Fries
1 Regular Drink

Burger Box Buddy Meal 1 Chicky Crisp 1 DS

Burger & Box Buddy Meal (1 Chicky Crisp, 1 DS Ricebox) $18.90

1 Thousand Island & Cheese Chicken Burger
1 Drumstick RiceBox
1 Fries
2 Regular Drink

JawBreaker Feast 2 Chicky Crisp 6pcs WD.

JawBreaker Feast (2 Chicky Crisp, 6pcs W/D). $28.00

2 Thousand Island & Cheese Chicken Burger
1 6PCS W/D
3 Regular Drink


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