McDonald’s S’pore bringing back Hokkaido Salmon Burger & more from 24 Mar 2022

McDonald’s S’pore bringing back our favourite Fish burger, the Hokkaido Salmon Burger from 24 Mar 2022

Hokkaido Salmon Burger

Hokkaido Salmon Burger consists of panko-crusted patty made with salmon from Hokkaido. Topped with an umami, roasted sesame mayo and crunchy white cabbage

Order it with Chocolate Pie and Kopi Frappé

Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pie 1 1
Filled with rich, molten chocolate in a crisp crust, this is the treat for a sweet escape!

Kopi Frappé

Kopi Frappé

Perk up your senses with a refreshing blend of our classic Frappé and kopi. Topped with whipped cream and a dash of chocolate powder, you’ll be swept away with delight.


Hokkaido Salmon Value Meal from $8.30


Double Hokkaido Salmon Value Meal from $10.65


Hokkaido Salmon Feast from $10.70


Double Hokkaido Salmon Feast from $13.05


2x Value Meal: Hokkaido Salmon & McSpicy EVM from $16.00


Chocolate Pie from $1.70


McCafe Kopi Frappé from $4.50

More desserts here !

The last time we had this limited edition burger in Singapore was in October 2020.

It was paired with Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie and Star-Shaped Potato Snack


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