McDonald’s Singapore New Soft Serve Desserts with Japanese Yubari Melon

McDonald’s Singapore has launched a new soft serve dessert made with Yubari Melon.

The Japanese Yubari Melon are a special fruit that can only be found in Yubari, Hokkadio due to the special volcanic soil. The record for the most expensive pair of Yubari Melon was ¥5 million in 2019. Let’s have a look at McDonald’s offerings.

Yubari Melon cone from $1.00

full of fruity-flavoured goodness

Yubari melon soft serve

Yubari Melon Twist cone from $1.00

perfect balance of sweet melon flavour and creamy vanilla soft-serve!

Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae from $2.10

Melon flavoured soft serve with strawberry toppings

Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae and McFlurry®

Yubari Melon Oreo McFlurry from $3.00

Crunchy OREO® sprinkled all over in the Yubari Melon soft serve

Available at all McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks, while stocks last.

oh my yubari mcdonalds singapore melon soft serve

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