KFC Fried Chicken Taco Shell Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco from 27 Apr 2022

New Exclusive item from KFC Singapore !

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The New Mac N’ Cheese Kentaco made with a piece of chicken breast fillet that has been marinated with Hot & Crispy recipe stuffed with traditional Mac N Cheese ingredients like mayonnaise, macaroni and cheese, and sprinkled with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. This Taco cost $6.95

Another new item on the menu is the Golden potato wedges which cost $4.95

The Potato wedges coated with cheddar powder seasoning and topped with cheese crumbs.

Check out the Meals here

Mac N Cheese Kentaco Meal

Mac N’ Cheese Kentaco Meal $8.95

1x Mac N Cheese Kentaco
1x Golden Cheddar Wedges
1x Pepsi Black (Reg)

Mac N Cheese Kentaco

Mac N’ Cheese Kentaco Box $10.95

1x Original Recipe Chicken
1x Mac N Cheese Kentaco
1x Nuggets (3 Pcs)
1x Whipped Potato (Reg)
1x Pepsi Black (Reg)

Mac N Cheese Kentaco ala carte

Mac N’ Cheese Kentaco $6.95

Golden potato wedges

Golden potato wedges $4.95 Add-on @ $3.40


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