McDonald’s S’pore all-new Jjang! Jjang! Burger from 5 May 2022 with Yuzu McFizz

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Jjang Jjang Burger available in Chicken and Beef Credit McDonalds Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore all-new limited-time-only Jjang! Jjang! Burger will be available from 5th May 2022.

The new Jjang! Jjang! Burger is made with a unique blend of sweet and spicy Korean flavours and options of  crispy-battered juicy chicken thigh or quarter pounder beef patty.

Jjang Jjang Special available in Chicken or Beef Credit McDonalds Singapore

Jjang! Jjang! Special which compliments the Jjang! Jjang! Burger with McDonald’s World-Famous Fries (M) and the returning citrusy Yuzu McFizz®

2x Value Meal Jjang Jjang Chicken Burger available in beef and McSpicy® Credit McDonalds Singapore

McDonald’s 2x Value Meal – featuring the Jjang! Jjang! Burger and McSpicy®, as the new kid on the block meets the OG of spice?

McDonald’s Jjang! Jjang! Burger is available at all McDonald’s restaurants from 5 May, and via McDelivery®, GrabFood and foodpanda, after breakfast hours and while stocks last.

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More Jjang Jjang deals on My McDonalds App Credit McDonalds Singapore

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