DC League of Super-Pets x McDonald’s Singapore Happy Meal Free Toy 12 May – 15 June 2022


McDonald’s Singapore Happy Meal free toy starts every Thursday 11am.

This Thursday we have new toys from the Movie DC League of Super-Pets

About the movie:

Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, when the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a ragtag group of animals to master their own newfound powers for a rescue mission.

The film has big stars like Dwayne Johnson (Krypto), Keanu Reeves (Batman), Kevin Hart (Ace), John Krasinski (Superman), Kate McKinnon (Lulu), Diego Luna (Chip), Marc Maron (Lex Luthor), Natasha Lyonne (Merton) and Vanessa Bayer (PB)

happy meal 12 may to 15 june

Collect all the toys before the movies comes out on 28 July 2022 in theaters near you.

Week 1: 12 – 18 May

Week 1 batman and super ACE 12 18 may happy meal toy mcd
Super ACE

Week 2: 19 – 25 May

week 2 green lantern and super chip 19 to 25 may happy meal toy mcd
Green Lantern
Super Chip

Week 3: 26 May- 1 Jun

Week 3 Wonder Woman and lulu 26 may to 1 june happy meal toy mcd
Wonder Woman

Week 4: 2 – 8 June

Week 4 Flash and Super Merton 2 to 8 june happy meal toy mcd
Super Merton

Week 5: 9 – 15 Jun

Week 5 Superman and Super Krypto 9 to 15 june happy meal toy mcd
Super Krypto


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