Laksa Burger, Pulut Hitam Pie, Teh C Frappe from McDonald’s Singapore for National Day 57

All New Singapore inspired menu from McDonald’s Singapore to celebrate Singapore’s Independence Day 2022 available from 28 July 2022.

The new Laksa Delight Burger comes in 2 choices, Crispy Prawn Patty or Chicken Patty.

Laksa Delight Burger Prawn min

The Laksa Delight Prawn Burger features a crispy prawn patty topped with creamy Laksa sauce, a round egg, and fresh purple cabbage slaw. All packed between two lightly-toasted butter buns for the perfect finish.

1200x1200 SOK LaksaChicken ALC

The Laksa Delight Chicken Burger is McDonald’s ‘chicky’ spin on a local favourite. Enjoy a juicy chicken patty with creamy Laksa sauce, crisp cabbage slaw, and a round egg, served between two soft, toasted butter buns.

1200x1200 MOP tehCfrappeS

Enjoy the new burgers with new Teh C Frappé! A refreshing take on a classic drink – enjoy the rich taste of Teh C topped with chocolate powder and balanced with a mild touch of freshly whipped cream.

1200x1200 MOP PulutHitamPie

and if that’s not enough for a meal, enjoy the Pulut Hitam Pie! A crispy pastry filled with purple sticky rice coconut cream filling, this delicious treat spells great news for lovers of local desserts.

(Food hack: Tastes even more glorious when dunked into vanilla soft-serve!) 

Laksa Delight Prawn Burger and Laksa Delight Chicken Burger cost from $7.40 a la carte and from $9.10 for an Extra Value Meal

Teh C Frappé cost from $4.50 (S) and $5.00 (M)

Pulut Hitam Pie cost from $1.70

Laksa Delight Feast
If you’re a mighty eater, then opt for the Laksa Delight Feast – a combination of the Laksa Delight Burger – Prawn or Chicken – with French Fries (M), Pulut Hitam Pie and Coke® Original Taste Less Sugar (S). The Laksa Delight Feast is available from $10.80.

1200x1200 MOP Laksa Prawn Feast


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Laksa Burger Review

Can’t wait to taste the burgers as there are many positive reviews out there.


Let’s try the prawn burger first as there’s always prawn in laksa.


Really nice looking box


prawn patty is nice and crispy and generous amount of lettuce and taste great with the egg and soft buns.


The sauce is really good with taste of laksa soup but the portion is not enough.

They should make the sauce into a laksa dip for fries and nuggets !

Next we have the Chicken burger which has slightly more sauce than our prawn burger


The chicken patty is made with chicken breast and it doesn’t go well with the laksa flavours. The only time we had chicken in laksa was at Killiney Kopitiam and it taste different with chicken strips


Overall we find that the prawn burger is really good and would skip the chicken next time.

But there is another great find from McDonalds which is the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Cutlet


The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Cutlet cost from $2.40 and taste much better than the chicken in the Laksa Burger.


It’s a sweet version of McSpicy patty and is really good.

They should definitely put this in a burger!

Teh C Frappé Review


Teh C Frappé taste really good and what you expect from iced milk tea with condensed milk and topped with whipped cream. It’s not too sweet and just nice, better than kopitiam or pasar malam thai milk tea!

Lastly we tried the Pulut Hitam Pie for dessert and we were satisfied with the taste but it’s not our number one choice1659402524934

Taste purple glutinous rice and coconut cream filling is quite rich and not too sweet like the real dish.



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