Domino’s Mentaiko Pizza Review

Dominos Get Taiko with Mentaiko

We tried Domino’s latest limited edition mentaiko pizza.

fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 1

Here we have the Ebi Mentaiko Pizza with a generous portion of full succulent prawns with mentaiko mayo sauce drizzle over the pizza. There’s some spinach on the pizza as well.

fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 8

There is also a sweetish savoury creamy sauce based which taste great with the mozzarella cheese and prawn combo.

Next we tried the Tori Mentaiko Pizza which comes with smoked chicken breast with chicken sausages.fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 3

We find that the Tori Mentaiko Pizza taste better than the prawn version as the smoky taste of the chicken sausages brings out the umami flavours even more.

Delicious combo of chicken breast chunks and spinach

fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 6

Shout out to the Pizza Maker for their effort for a beautiful lattice design for drizzling the mentaiko mayonnaise sauce.

For something sweet we also bought the Hokkaido Cream Cheese Fold

fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 9

The taste of pineapple is overwhelming the cream cheese and it’s a little bit disappointing.

fastfoodsg dominos pizza mentaiko 12

Great if you love pineapples in dessert but not for cream cheese lovers.

Did you noticed the exclusive Mentaiko pizza omamori sticker ? It’s only available from 15 through 21 August 2022 as part of Domino’s one-week Taiko Festival.

get taiko with Mentaiko

*While stocks last

Taiko Epic Hunt (5 – 11 September 2022)

To identify and celebrate with fans with the ultimate taiko power, Domino’s Singapore will host an island-wide Epic Hunt from 5 through 11 September 2022. During this period, customers who purchase a minimum of 1 Regular Mentaiko Pizza will stand a chance to receive their pizzas inscribed with the figures ‘88’ in luscious Mentaiko sauce, along with a Golden Ticket which will entitle them to one year’s supply* of pizzas.

Both online and in-store (over-the-counter and Click & Collect) purchases qualify for the Epic Hunt giveaway, with a total of 18 winners that will be randomly selected.

For redemption, customers simply need to take a photo of their unique pizza and Golden Ticket, and send a DM to Domino’s Singapore on Instagram (@dominossg) with their name, email address and proof-of-purchase to redeem their epic taiko prize.

Redemption instructions will also be available on the winning Golden Tickets distributed.

*12 regular pizzas in the All-Time Favorite category. Terms and conditions apply.

fastfoodsg dominos mentaikat

Each purchase comes with the sticker and promo codes to purchase $7 Regular Pizza or $12 Large Pizza and comes with a code that is valid till 18th Sept 2022

fastfoodsg dominos sticker and promo card

More info here

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