MOS Burger Singapore launched Tsukimi Yakiniku Series from 1 Sept 2022 mos burger Tsukimi Yakiniku Series poster

MOS Burger Singapore has launched Tsukimi Yakiniku Series.

Known for its sweet and salty flavour, sukiyaki sauce is the main highlight of this creation.

Beef patty dipped with sukiyaki sauce, on top of it there is our infamous marinated yakiniku drizzled with sukiyaki sauce.

Have it with Rice burger or normal soft burger bun with fried egg to top it off! mos burger Tsukimi Yakiniku Series

Get a meal of our Joyful Autumn Meal that consists of 1 Tsukimi Yakiniku Rice Burger OR Burger, 1 MOS Matcha Mooncake and 1 Iced Tea with Lychee, only at $14.20!

The Tsukimi Yakiniku burger cost $7.50 ala carte and the Ice Tea with Lychee cost $4.50

MOS Matcha Mooncake is still available, 1pc for $5.00, 2pcs for $8.15 and 4 pcs for $15.80.

This is the first time MOS Burger has released mooncake in Singapore and it is suitable for vegetarians and Muslims customers. mos burger mooncake

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