KFC Singapore NEW KFC Cheesy Zinger Meltz Review; available from 7 Sept 2022

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KFC Singapore has launched the new Cheesy Zinger Meltz from 7th September 2022 for a limited time.


Made with Hot & Crispy Zinger fillet and cut into chunks with sliced tomato, crispy nacho chips, shredded mozzarella and cheddar and cheese sauce wrapped in a toasted tortilla.

Cheesy Zinger Meltz cost from $6.60 for ala carte and from $8.20 with a Meal including a med Fries and 1 Reg Coke.

There’s also a Cheesy Zinger Meltz Box from $9.95 that includes the Cheesy Zinger Meltz, 1 pc Chicken, 1 reg Fries, 1 reg Whipped Potato and 1 reg Coke Zero.

Buddy Meal from $19.45 that comes with 3 pc Chicken, 6 pcs Nuggets, 2 reg Whipped Potato and 2 reg Coke Zero

Review of Cheesy Zinger Meltz

This is our review of the new Cheesy Zinger Meltz that we bought from a KFC outlet for takeaway.

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First impressive looks small and not enough for a meal.

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Tortilla is toasted and smells good.

20220907 195144

There are 2 slices of tomatoes, small amount of chicken meat and not crispy nacho chips.

20220907 195722

Taste wise, it’s not bad with tiny bit of spiciness and as always a tad salty.

It’s a good snack but not a good meal for dinner.

hopefully this is not the kind of portion you’ll get when you try this!

Would not buy again for the price unless it’s 50% off

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