Monga Fried Chicken 艋舺ㄟ雞排 in Singapore

      Taiwan is known for snacks and delicacies , and the concept of establishing our brand is to promote the culture of Taiwan’s delicacy. The brand is named as “Monga” because Monga is the most famous traditional area, and chicken fillet is the best-known snack of Taiwan. The combination of these two highlighted Taiwanese characteristics. The image theme figure of Monga is in cute version, local and Taiker style. Monga even invite a well-known artist as image endorsement. These let Monga segmented with other chicken fillet shops and stay in consumers’ minds in visualization and mnemonic way as well as establish subsequent brand and franchise. The obvious Taiwanese style is beneficial to be identified in China Mainland and world for franchising. By-products like fried sweet potato strips, fried potato strips, etc, are based on creativity, cooperation with local farmers. It lets the local products and the delicacies of Taiwan recognize internationally .